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Josef Irgmaier - portrait

Josef Irgmaier, composer and pianist

Josef Irgmaier studied composition and music theory at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and Chinese Music at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai, China. Alongside his work as composer he is also pianist, bar pianist, church musician, répétiteur, teacher, and arranger.

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24.07.2019   20:00   gSALZn - a Bavarian DJ chamber opera in Tittmoning (Stadtsaal above the Poseidon)

25.07.2019   20:00   gSALZn

26.07.2019   20:00   gSALZn

17.08.2019   19:00   opening act for Rocketman, the movie, at the Kinosommer Raitenhaslach

11.10.2019   19:00   Tudo Tranquilo with their new programme "Die Frau - die Kraft - die Liab" at the Frauntreff Oichtental


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