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Josef Irgmaier - portrait

Josef Irgmaier, composer and pianist

Josef Irgmaier studied composition and music theory at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and Chinese Music at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai, China. Alongside his work as composer he is also pianist, bar pianist, church musician, répétiteur, teacher, and arranger.

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cd cover of the Mary Ward oratorio

The performance of the oratorio "Mary Ward" for mixed choir, children's choir, and orchestra at Sunday 9.10.2022 in the Basilika of Altötting has been recorded by the Mary Ward schools of Altötting. The double CD including a booklet (artwork by Andrea Wibmer) is available from there.

The oratorio was commissioned by the Mary Ward schools for their 300th anniversary of foundation. The twelve movements are guided by Mary Ward's life and mostly use recorded sayings of her.

Here you can find the sheet music.

The "Variations on the Bavarian National Anthem" (from the "Piano Book")


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